Store Mannequins

Store mannequins are a sound investment and key to visually marketing apparel and other merchandise in any retail outlet. Our lifelike forms not only showcase apparel well but also lend an ambience to underscore the store or department’s overall theme. Fixtures and Displays offers a wide array of wholesale mannequins and forms to compliment any décor or apparel line. For department stores we offer realistic styles in fleshtone and white and also includes ethnic models. For a more dramatic display, consider our ‘Abstract’ Eve Collection of store mannequins in cameo white that may be purchased with or without heads and are offered in a variety of poses. These are available in child and adult mannequins (including female plus sized mannequins) and are ideal for vignettes that showcase the clothing, not the mannequin. For a truly exotic effect, we carry male and female adult mannequins in our ‘Crystalline’ series constructed in translucent fiberglass. Athletic clothing stores and departments favor our ‘Sport’ mannequins with muscular builds in sprinting poses. For years of durable use, consider our 'Unbreakables’ Collection of store mannequins or the option to ‘Build Your Own Mannequin’ from our System Mannequin Series to meet your specific display needs.

  • Female Mannequins

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  • Male Mannequins

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  • Realistic Mannequins

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  • Abstract Mannequins

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  • Headless Mannequins

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  • Child Mannequins

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  • Ethnic Mannequins

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  • Sport Mannequins

    Sport Mannequins Mannequins depicting athletes in motion are far more likely to inspire shopper interest and to... More
  • "Unbreakable" Mannequins

    "Unbreakable" Mannequins Less concerned with form than function and reliability? Need to stock on store mannequins but... More