Slatwall Panel Displays

The most popular type of walls today are slatwall panel systems. Slatwall comes in a variety of colors and finishes and is available with or without aluminum strips. The strips will strengthen the load capacity for heavier merchandise and prevent damage to the slats. A huge selection of slatwall systems and accessories are available to help merchandise your products. They include shelves, hooks, brackets, baskets, faceouts and displays for specialized merchandise.

Slatwall panels are the most widely used style of perimeter wall merchandising in the retail industry. Inexpensive, reliable, durable and attractive, slatwall gives the retailer many options on how best to display their merchandise. While slatwall fixtures are available in many colors and finishes with various inserts for additional strength, Fixtures and Displays chooses to carry only the most popular style in white, grey and almond color. Fixtures and Displays carries large inventories on slatwall accessories including brackets, shelves, hooks, face outs, bins, shoe shelves, literature holders, and all types of metal and acrylic specialty displayers for just about every retail need.

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  • Slatwall Hooks

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  • Slatwall Faceouts

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Slatwall Accessories

Savvy retailers know that their inventory display management does not have to be limited to their selling floor. Slatwall panels add a touch of décor and can greatly expand the amount and types of merchandise on display. Fixtures and Displays offers Slatwall accessories which includes wire frame bins and baskets, ideal for miscellaneous accessories including hats and faceouts to provide stacked full-frontal views for up to 7 garments on hangers. To create rackspace for additional garments, Slatwall offers hangrails in several lengths to accommodate extra inventory or to showcase designer apparel. Too often small items are overlooked by shoppers. Slatwall hooks enable retailers to create eye catching displays of carded items and promote upsells. Wall hung shoe displays enable customers to view your wares at eye level and assist them to make a selection. Even jewelry, product brochures and sales signs may be placed in wall hung Lucite holders to free valuable flat surfaces above racks. Fixtures and Displays’ inventory includes slatwall accessories retailers require to maximize their floor merchandise and to increase sales.