Store Mannequins

Merchants know that the use of store mannequins, whether full store mannequins, torso or leg forms help to sell merchandise. A consumer is more likely to focus their attention at a department or area of a store that is highlighted by an attractively merchandised mannequin. The cost of wholesale mannequins, store mannequins and forms has decreased recently making them affordable. Fixtures and Displays makes available to you a complete line of store mannequins, realistic mannequins and abstract mannequins on elegant tempered glass bases that includes multiple fittings for calf and foot either with molded hair or in headless versions.

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Store Mannequins

There are a multitude of choices when it comes to forms, whether your need is for torso, upper body, leg or for the rear end. Plastic forms, either half round with a hanger hook or full round for counter or stand are usually the least expensive. Fiberglass forms are more upscale and sturdy. Finally jersey covered forms which are also known as “dressmaker forms” are a widely used product line and used to display clothes and accessories or as window props. All jersey forms are available with natural finish wood neck blocks and bases or with the traditional metal base on wheels with pedal and spring sold separately.

Store mannequins for children, plus-size, ethnic style and the more abstract “mannequin alternatives” like simple costumers with a hanger on top, make Fixtures and Displays a wonderful visual resource. Glove hands, hat or millinery displays and sock displays are also available in fiberglass and unbreakable vinyl.