Retail Display Tables & Dump Bins

The introduction of retail display tables and dump bins is a relatively recent phenomenon. 20 years ago most traditional apparel retailers displayed their garments on clothing racks. The round rack or rectangular double bar rack was the most popular because it could be loaded up with lots of inventory and segregated by plastic size dividers.

Those products are still popular and available and are very functional for discounters and off-price retailers who will have limited sales people to help customers. Browse through Fixtures and Displays' wide selection of display tables and dump bins.

Retail Display Tables

More recently, 2-way and 4-way racks became the best selling clothing racks as they allowed the shopper to see the entire garment, not just the side. This translated into more sales. More recently, studies in consumer behavior showed that shoppers were more likely to purchase garments if they could touch and feel them more readily. That led to the introduction of many types of display tables and merchandising units that were more “customer friendly”. The studies found that shoppers were much more likely to make a purchase when they picked up the garment without disturbing the display and felt the fabric. The likelihood of a sale dramatically increased when shoppers brought multiple garment into a comfortable fitting room away from the sightlines of other shoppers.

Inviting-looking nesting tables of multi-tier tables with sale items displayed in the front of the store has always been a successful and affordable way to lure customers deeper into the store where they are more likely to purchase full price items.

Fixtures and Displays brings you the finest in display tables, dump bins, merchandising units and store fixtures and displays in a variety of finishes and styles that will add elegance and functionality in any retail environment which will help to improve the bottom line.