Retail Shelving & Shelf Units

Since developing an alternative to wood and glass store shelving for the retail market, Duron Injection Molded Store Shelving have become the best selling shelf for retail stores in the United States today. represents the company that developed and popularized plastic bullnose store shelving.

A sophisticated hot-stamping process allows solid color store shelving to have a woodgrain finish applied to the surface. For the budget conscious retailer, a woodgrain finish can be applied to the sides and the bullnose only (style # FIN#2). For a richer look, the entire shelf can have a woodgrain finish in either hard rock maple, medium oak or walnut (FIN#3).

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Retail Store Shelving

The benefit of developing this type of retail shelving was to satisfy the market’s need for longer lasting store shelving that not only look attractive and able to handle heavy loads but are much lighter in weight which results in lower freight cost.  The result is a rich, elegant look at a fraction the cost of wood.

Duron shelves are available in a variety of lengths and depths.  Solid colors including white, black, grey and almond are stock items.  Shelves are marketed either with a bottom to give a “finished look” or they can come without a bottom (exposing the ribs) to keep costs down.  Customers will not see the bottom of the shelves below eye level. Retail store shelving can be displayed on slatwall, grid panels or slotted standards.  The bullnose will not allow the shelf to sag over time like the inexpensive melamine alternative.

Duron Injection Molded Shelves are manufactured in the United States and is an environmentally friendly product. also carries tempered glass shelves in several lengths and depths.  Glass shelves can be used with polycarbonate brackets to complete a crystal clear look on your wall.  Additionally, affordable and functional melamine shelves are also stocked.  Otherwise known as “plank shelves”, they are available in white, black and maple.