Realistic Mannequins

The addition of realistic mannequins to your merchandise displays will increase the number of shoppers to your window display, store and selling floor. The result will be increased sales and a positive return on investment. Realistic mannequins offer shoppers the option to see garments on a three-dimensional form making it easier to imagine how the apparel would appear on themselves. These mannequins are available as males and females in flesh tone, cameo white and ethnic models. Some offer an abstract, headless version to create a striking tableaux. Select from Maggie and Edgar in stunning cameo white; Heather and Daryl, who portray a youthful, ethnic couple; Judy and Rudy have toned, athletic builds and showcase sportswear well while Sandy and Julian have a European, thoroughbred air ideal for designer and high-end apparel. Whichever pair you select, Fixtures and Displays offers a select of realistic mannequins that will best reflect your clientele and merchandise selections.