Retail Hangers

Fixtures and Displays carries a wide range of wholesale clothing hangers and wholesale garment bags for a variety of retail applications at competitive prices. We carry a wide range of wooden, metal and velvet slimline hangers as well as other specialty hangers. Retail hangers for lingerie, blouses, drapery, bedspreads are available as are metal chrome hangers for showrooms and  sales representatives. Our Slimline velvet covered hangers offer a sturdy hanger while allowing for more garments on the hangrails. They’re also a great looking hanger for boutiques.

Other popular hanger accessories include peel-off foam strips or non-slip attachments for plastic hangers, or hanger stackers and reach poles for the backroom.

Fixtures and Displays also carries a wide selection of wholesale garment bags and covers that will protect your valuable clothing like bridal gowns.

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