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Successful retailers understand that visual displays are essential in order to maximize sales. Increase the visibility of your gloves, mittens, and other hand and wrist accessories with our selection of hand forms from Fixtures and Displays.

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Our hand forms are affordably constructed with durable vinyl, and are therefore resistant to cracking, peeling, chipping, and fading, and are also easy to clean. Our long-lasting hand forms are both lightweight and sturdy, with a smooth, elegant finish.

Fixtures and Displays offers six flesh-toned designs. Available in this category are both men's and women's mannequin hand forms. Choose between right and left hand forms, available in both 12" and 15" sizes.

All of our female and male hand forms are beautifully sculpted with a decorative cuff. Each form is weighted at the bottom, which provides stability for these self-standing units. Our hand forms stand firmly on any surface, including counter tops, display tables, shelves, and pedestals, so retail space can be customized and maximized.