Mannequin Alternatives

Fixtures and Displays offers a wide selection of mannequin alternatives to suit any retailer’s needs. Easily highlight any garment or accessory with our visually stimulating displays. Costumers, flexible forms, and tubular display forms are included in this category.

Our wide selection of costumers includes mannequin alternatives that are maintenance free and durable. Choose from freestanding or counter-top costumers, available in matte black, matte white, or satin nickel. Choose from adult and child sizes. Costumers are highly versatile with adjustable heights to accommodate any garment length. Heavy metal bases included on many models provide extra stability.

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Swiftly and easily display almost any garment with our flexible forms. The unlimited possibilities provide any retailer with the flexibility needed to customize any retail space. Our flexible forms can be hung from the ceiling or mounted to a base to stand on the floor. The durable chrome frame is covered with an attractive black velour covering.

Simply and affordably display garments with our tubular display forms.  These are made of strong, resistant chrome, and can be mounted to slatwalls or wire gridwall panels to maximize retail space.

Merchandise almost any garment or accessory with the variety of styles of mannequin alternatives available at Fixtures and Displays.