Female Retail Store Mannequins

It is a fact: Shoppers need to view your selected apparel on a figural display to make the decision to buy. Mannequins bring your inventory to life and assist shoppers in their decision on whether to purchase or not. Fixtures and Displays maintains a large inventory of life-sized female mannequins in contemporary poses to attract attention, enhance your store environment and peak shopper interest which results in sales. Constructed from molded fiberglass, our female mannequins are durable and easy to maintain. Select from our nine collections ranging from the traditional realistic style female mannequins in flesh tone or white (‘Maggie’, ‘Judy’, ‘Sandy’) to our ethnic styles, (‘Heather’), to the plus size styles (‘Elizabeth’ series), the popular abstract styles (‘Eve’), exotic Crystalline series made from translucent resin to our Athletic series. Our mannequins may be purposed in window displays or throughout your store to capture shopper interest and create commanding focal elements.