Clothing Racks

Today, one of the most popular clothing racks is the 4-way clothing racks which allows garments to be displayed facing the consumer on four different sides. Discounters and mass merchandisers continue to rely on strong double bar clothing racks that are able to hold substantial amounts of inventory. Round clothing racks allow for a lot of merchandise using relatively little floor space. Optional rack toppers allow you additional space to display your products. Fixtures and Displays offers dozens of styles of store fixtures and displays, wholesale retail store fixtures, store display fixtures, garment racks and wholesale clothing racks for sale in a variety of styles and finishes.

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  • Handbag Display Racks

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  • Retail Shoe Racks

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Store Clothing Racks For Sale

Included in this retail store fixtures, retail store displays, and store display fixtures category are 2-way clothing racks or T-stands, a variety of rolling racks which are used for both storage as well as display. Fixtures and Displays also carries specialty clothing racks for sale including polyethylene dispensing racks for bagging garments in the backroom, lingerie racks, spiral costumers, shoe racks, racks for jewelry cards, handbags, hats, belts, ties and even ones to hold shopping bags at the front of the store.

Accessories for retail clothing racks include add-on face outs for double hanging, sign holders to identify sales or promotions, rack toppers for display plus a full selection of twin-wheel, ball and industrial style casters.