Gridwall Panels

Gridwall panel displays, store fixtures and related accessories remain the most affordable method of display in today’s retail market. Gridwall and Slatgrid (which accepts both grid and slatwall accessories) can be seen in virtually all types of retail environments, including discount stores, general merchandise stores, temporary or seasonal stores, kiosks, trade show exhibits and flea markets. Whether placed on the wall or as freestanding displays, grid is extremely effective and inexpensive to display merchandise. Its also a great way to display seasonal or promotional items or even as endcaps or permanent displays throughout a store. Gridwall panels are lightweight, yet extremely durable. They are easily removable and can be reused in different departments or stored away for future use.

Available in chrome, white and black, slat grid and gridwall panels come in a variety of sizes. Fixtures and Displays maintains large inventories of gridwall products in addition to hundreds of accessories including brackets, bases, faceouts, shelves, bins, baskets, hooks and sign holders. Also available from Fixtures and Displays are various grid merchandiser kits that includes panels, bases and connectors where all you do is select what accessories you need!