Alta Display System

Alta Retail Display System is a coordinated group of free standing floor displays and wall units that evoke state-of-the-art, structural look of rectilinear steel elements that make a striking impression on any contemporary retail environment. The system incorporates a satin chrome finish over the steel frames coupled with softer and smooth hard rock maples shelves and table tops. The result is a visually powerful and coordinated environment that is sure to bring attention to the brand of apparel being displayed.

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The basic free standing fixtures include an "Island Merchandiser" which allows either folded or hanging apparel or a combination of both; a "Cross Merchandising 4-Way Rack" which allows garments to hang and be seen from four different directions along with accessories that can be merchandised in the middle of the rack plus provision for a sign; a set of beautiful and functional nesting tables including an upright pedestal for selected promotional items.

The Alta Wall Unit is a sleek and streamlined merchandising unit for the perimeter of the store or department.  It contains hidden wall mounts to hide unsightly screws.  Satin chrome finish is also fingerprint resistant for minimal upkeep.  Alta System incorporates 1/2" slots on 1" centers which will accept all Universal Line brackets and display hardware. Accessories for Alta include brackets, hangrail, end caps, hangrails all available in satin chrome finish as well as MDF shelving in attractive hard rock maple finish.

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