Leg Forms

Mannequin leg forms are essential tools in creating a visual display for all types of hosiery. Fixtures and Displays offers several options designed specifically for this purpose.

The “Unbreakables” collection is constructed of sturdy polyethylene plastic. These leg forms are in high demand over traditional fiberglass mannequins because of their durability and their resistance to scratching. These mannequin leg forms are lightweight and can easily be handled by sales staff in all retail spaces. This collection includes both men’s and women’s leg forms in milky white with base included.

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Our hosiery and sock displays provide merchants the opportunity for versatility, as they can be displayed on counter tops, pedestals, shelves, or display tables. Both the men's sock display and the women's hosiery leg form are offered in flesh tone, and both are weighted in the toe with a raised heel for greater stability.

The transparent ladies hosiery leg form is an attractively designed, eye-catching unit. The form stands so that the foot is in the air, which is sure to catch the attention of hosiery clientele.