Body Forms & Bases

Successful merchants understand that visual displays are essential tools to maximize sales. Fixtures and Displays offers a wide variety of mannequin body forms and body forms for sale to suit any merchant’s needs.

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    Fixtures and Displays offers high-quality jersey covered forms at reasonable prices to act as silent... More
  • Full Round Forms

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    Made from virtually unbreakable and easily affordable molded polyethylene, Fixtures and Display’s... More
  • Half Round Forms

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    Made from durable injection molded styrene, Fixtures and Display’s half round forms are... More
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    Fixtures and Display’s form bases are the backbone of your store’s mannequin displays, helping... More

Available in this category are jersey covered forms, full and half round forms, and form bases.Our jersey body forms are made with high quality jersey fabric over durable polyeurythene foam. A variety of round and tripod bases are offered with the finest woods available. Neckblocks in wood and satin chrome metal are also available. Choose from male, female, or child jersey forms. All jersey forms are offered in a variety of styles, including French and Classic styles. For those retailers looking for less expensive options, forms in lightweight polyeurythene are available and you'll pay one price fpor the form, natural finish neckblock and base.

Fixtures and Displays offers versatile full or half round forms in both plastic and fiberglass. Forms are also available with wire loops for hanging, so that retail space can be maximized. Half round forms are made of durable injection molded styrene with hanger hook included.

Fixtures and Displays offers a wide variety of body forms with styles and colors to match any merchandisers.