Chainlinx Display System

ChainLinx Retail Display System was developed to satisfy consumers increased demand for activewear and younger, more urban-based apparel. The playground fencing design emulates todays’ urban-chic and is a perfect compliment to merchandising sports apparel and specialty fashion wear targeted for todays teens and young adults.

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1 to 17 Results

ChainLinx contains a variety of free standing merchandisers and wall panels to create a coordinated retail selling environment.  The panels are available as wall displays similar to wire grid panels or as dividers or panels to differentiate departments or selling areas within a store.  Included in the display fixture options are a Gondolar Floor Rack, commonly known as an “H-rack”; a Box Rack or Double Hangrail Rack for that will handle hanging garments; Wall Towers; Free standing Towers; Nesting Tables  and popular 2-Way and 4-Way Racks.

The ChainLinx fixtures are framed in 1 ¼” round tubing with universal slotting on both sides.  They will accept all Universal Line hardware which has ½” slots on 1” centers. ChainLinx fixtures are available in epoxy-coated grey finish.  Accessories include hooks, faceouts, brackets, baskets, shelves and displays for shoes, skates, balls and baseball caps.

ChainLinx Display System is in stock and available for immediate delivery.