Clothing Rack Shelf Combination

Today's fashions require that a retailer display both hanging garments and folded garments in a single location to increase the probability of a sale for items that coordinate with one another.

To solve this challenge, Designer 400 Series wholesale store fixtures were developed and remains a hugely popular line whose rack frames are available in both polished chrome and matte black. The solid colored Injection Molded Bullnose Shelves that come with the unit may be customized to include woodgrain finishes to coordinate with existing store environments. The bullnose shelves are sturdy and an affordable alternative to real wood.

Five rack configurations are available to account for almost every kind of retail application. The K412/MAB can handle large quantities of folded goods while the K402 has a post designed to display a single garment next to eight shelves and a hangrail. Browse through our full collection of wholesale store fixtures and retail clothing racks.

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