Jersey Covered Forms

Fixtures and Displays offers high-quality jersey covered forms at reasonable prices to act as silent salespeople, showcasing your garments in any type of retail environment. Whether your display is permanent or seasonal, in a cozy boutique or a sprawling department store, these lightweight yet durable covered forms are easy to move around and great for adorning with eye-catching apparel. The striking presence of a jersey covered form dressed in stylish clothing will grab your customer’s attention by allowing them to envision themselves wearing your attire and can influence their decision to buy.
  • Male Jersey Forms

    Male Jersey Forms Department
    Fixtures and Displays offers attractive, affordable male jersey forms to act as soundless... More
  • Female Jersey Forms

    Female Jersey Forms Department
    Our female jersey covered forms are terrific for showing off your latest fashions in any type of... More
  • Child Jersey Forms

    Child Jersey Forms Department
    Child jersey covered forms are an inexpensive way to effectively market your latest fashions in any... More
  • Bases

    Bases Department
    Bases, neck blocks and accessories are the backbone of your store’s mannequin displays, helping... More

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