"Eve" White Headless Seated Female Mannequin (Pose 6 of 6)

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"Eve" White Headless Seated Female Mannequin (Pose 6 of 6) is available to buy in increments of 1
Has 16" round tempered glass base, includes two fittings for calf and foot and repair kit. Pedestal display cube not included.


GTIN Number 00841134102372
Finish Matte True White
Head Style Headless
Neck Cut Style Straight
Hand Style Realistic
Foot Shoe Heel Style Abstract
Mannequin Weight 27 lbs
Nipple Detail Yes
Shoulder Arm Fittings Standard
Wrist Fittings Push Pull
Height 42 in.
Material Fiberglass
Chest 34 in.
Waist 25 in.
Hips 35 in.
Neck 12 in.
Heel Height 3 in.
Gender Female
Shoe Size 6
Multiple Cartons 1
Carton Shipping Weight (Lbs.) 29.4
Carton Dimensions 46.5"L x 18"W x 17.25"H

The “Eve” white headless female mannequin series is available in three distinct poses and features expert body sculpting, top quality fiberglass construction and articulated fingers and toes.  Contemporary and fashionable, this mannequin is designed to evoke a sense of realism while allowing your garments to show off their own merits.  The pure white color and abstract design accentuate the merchandise and not the mannequin.

The tempered glass base on our mannequins consists of 8 mm thick cut glass and polished safety glass.  In the unlikely event of breakage, the glass will disintegrate into many small non-edge particles, reducing the chance of injury to both customers and employees.

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