"Eve" White Abstract Female Mannequin (Pose 3 of 6)

sku # EVE-3H
Abstract face has slight facial features with bald head. Has 16" round tempered glass base, includes two fittings for calf and foot and repair kit.

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sku # EVE-3H

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"Eve" White Abstract Female Mannequin (Pose 3 of 6)

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Fixtures and Displays’ “Eve” white abstract female mannequin series is available in three fashionable poses.  She is also offered with an oval head, abstract head or headless design.  Eve features expert body sculpting and durable and high quality fiberglass construction. The mannequin additionally features articulated fingers and toes to allow for accessories such as open footwear and jewelry.  Modern and trend forward, this mannequin is designed to evoke a sense of realism while allowing your garments to show off their own virtues.  The cameo white color and abstract design highlight the merchandise and not the mannequin.

The fittings which fasten the arms and legs to our mannequins have a steel core coated with ABS plastic.  The plastic layer facilitates the assembly of the individual pieces and helps to avoid visible scratching on the mannequins’ surface.  This effectively extends the life of the mannequin, making early restoration completely avoidable.

Weight 37.0000
Height 71"
Material fiberglass
Style Eve series female mannequin
Standard Packing 1
Fixtures & Displays F&D

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