Recessed Standards - 1/2" Slots on 1" Centers"

For retailers seeking to fully merchandise their wall space with heavier weight goods, consider F&D’s Heavy Duty Line of recessed slotted standards, brackets, bracket accessories and faceouts. The Heavy Duty Line is suitable for showcasing winter wear, boots, books and décor items. Fixtures and Displays carries a full assortment of heavy duty slotted wall standards in recessed style from 6 to 12 feet- which provide the backbone of a sturdy wall-hung display system. Capable of supporting shelves, Fixtures and Displays carries brackets that will fit only Heavy Duty recessed standards 1/2" slots on 1" centers with .125 steel thickness. These brackets maybe used either with snap-on attachments to hold round or rectangular hangrail or can be used with shelf rests and rubber bumpers to support glass. Additionally, bracket accessories and faceouts are designed to hook securely into the heavy duty slotted wall standards to provide firm support for additional merchandise.
  • Recessed Slotted Standards

    Heavy Duty Recessed Slotted Standards are the backbone to every strong wall-mounted display system. ... More
  • Brackets

    Wall display brackets lend support to recessed wall systems to showcase your inventory while... More
  • Bracket Accessories

    Heavy Duty Line bracket accessories lend the support and flexibility needed to showcase inventory by... More
  • Faceouts’s Heavy Duty Line of perimeter hardware includes faceouts specifically... More

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    Item: GLT/12
    Heavy Duty Line All-Purpose 12" Bracket
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    Item: GLT/14
    Heavy Duty Line All-Purpose 14" Bracket

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