Slatwall Wire Shelves

Lending strong support with a rugged appearance, Fixtures and Displays offers sturdy slatwall wire shelves for folded apparel, soft goods such as bedding and towels and even sporting goods and footwear. Each straight or sloping shelf attaches securely to a Slatwall panel system thereby expanding limited selling floor space and increasing sales potential. White, chrome or black epoxy finish 1/8” and ¼” wire compliments any décor. For heavier merchandise the grid-pattern, large size rack ably holds jeans, athletic footwear and decorative items such as vases. At widths up to 14” and 24” long, Fixtures and Displays stocks a slatwall shelves and slatwall wire shelves to suit display requirements for every retail outlet. Best of all –our slatwall shelves and slatwall wire shelves never need dusting!

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