Gene Series

Fixtures and Display’s ‘Gene’ series offers an upscale, contemporary ambience at an affordable price. Available in cameo white finish and headless or with a bald oval head or bald head with abstracted features, ‘Gene’ is trend forward and provides a perfect backdrop for designer or mass-market wear alike. ‘Gene’ is offered in one of 5 poses and is 73 inches tall with head or 67” tall headless and weighs up to 41 lbs. Fingers and toes are articulated, body is constructed from sturdy yet high-quality fiberglass. Ranges in price by unit from $267-$301 depending on the number of units purchased. The ‘Gene’ series will highlight your apparel and not the mannequin. Pairs well with our ‘Eve’ series for a striking window or floor display. Has 16” round tempered glass base and includes fittings for calf and foot. Includes repair kit.

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