"Gene" Abstract Male Mannequin with Egg Head (Pose 1 of 5)

sku # GEN-1H-OV
Fashionable "egg head" design is the latest trend in mannequin design. Has 16" round tempered glass base, includes two fittings for calf and foot and repair kit.

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sku # GEN-1H-OV

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"Gene" Abstract Male Mannequin with Egg Head (Pose 1 of 5)

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The “Gene” abstract male mannequin with egg head series is available in three distinct poses.  Gene features expert body sculpting, top quality fiberglass construction and expressive fingers and defined toes.  Contemporary and fashionable, this mannequin is designed to evoke a sense of realism while allowing your garments to show off their own merits.  The clean white coloring and abstract design accentuates the merchandise and not the mannequin.

Our mannequins are 70” to 72” tall, enhancing the garment being displayed with a larger-than-life appearance.  Other inexpensive imports can be 64” to 66” tall, which inadvertently causes the product to seem less luxurious, which can negatively impact sales.  

Weight 42.0000
Height 73"
Material fiberglass
Style Gene series male mannequin
Standard Packing 1
Fixtures & Displays F&D

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