"System Mannequin Series" True White Male Bust with Head

sku # SYMB-H109
Fiberglass construction finished in realistic fleshtone color. Has sculpted hair with 7/8" diameter flange in bottom to accept center mount base or combined with SYML109 leg form with SYMZ109 hip block and arm selection or shoulder cap to make full mannequin.

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sku # SYMB-H109

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"System Mannequin Series" True White Male Bust with Head


The System Mannequin Series male bust with head in satin white finish is part of an innovative, section-based mannequin option for cost-conscious retailers.  The series’ components offer multiple configuration choices and value.  This headed torso and additional sections are each sold separately.  Select from a matched set of arms in one of three poses that best suit the merchandise you wish to display.  For a more dramatic appearance, opt for shoulder caps to give a finished look to an armless form.  If planning a tabletop vignette, select your location, such as on top of a rounder and just add merchandise.

To create a full length mannequin, add a hip block and the leg and display stand for a focal point that will guide shoppers to your merchandise.  Displayed in your store window or on the selling floor, the system components offer great variation in both style and form.  You can create leg and torso only displays to full length floor, costumer or wall mounted vignettes.  Great flexibility guarantees that your System Series will proves its value by showcasing your inventory and increasing your profits. 

Weight 14.0000
Height 32"
Material fiberglass
Style System Mannequins series male upper torso with head
Standard Packing 1

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