"System Mannequin Series" True White Male Arms by Side

sku # SYMA109
Fiberglass construction. Matching pair of arms designed to fit male bust with head (SYMB), female headless bust (SYMB)) or 3/4 torso form (SYMF) sold separately.

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sku # SYMA109

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"System Mannequin Series" True White  Male Arms by Side


Fixtures and Displays department store quality mannequins are sculpted by experts. They feature realistic faces and detailed muscle tone.  They are made using sustainable raw materials that reduce their impact on the environment.  Additionally, these mannequins’ hands are molded from non-toxic PVC, which makes them softer, yet more resistant to breakage.

To create your very own System Mannequin Series male arms by side form mannequin in cameo white, first determine if your store will best be served by full or partial mannequin displays.  You may select a torso with or without a head.  The next decision is to opt for one of three arm positions or to use shoulder caps if an armless form is your choice.  Options include additional components to create a full or partial form dependent on the merchandise to be displayed.  It can then be modified, added to and mounted on a base to create a wonderful vignette that is as customizable as it is visually and spatially effective.

Weight 6.0000
Material fiberglass
Style System Mannequins series, male Arms-by-Side pose, arms only
Standard Packing 1

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