"System Mannequin Series" True White Male Arms by Side

sku # SYM-C109
Fiberglass construction. Matching pair of arms designed to fit male bust with head (SYMB-H109), male headless bust (SYMB-NH109) or 3/4 male torso form (SYTM-109) sold separately.

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sku # SYM-C109

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"System Mannequin Series" True White  Male Arms by Side


The flexibility of the System Series truly goes above and beyond the options presented by conventional mannequins and forms.  This System Mannequin Series male arms by side form is based on an innovative, section-based mannequin design, formation and performance, which provides unique display flexibility.  You may purchase a mannequin in cameo white finish whose torso comes with a head or opt for a headless form.  Additionally choose one of three arm positions.  However shoulder caps may be used if you prefer an armless form.  Components may be purchased to construct a full-body mannequin as well; just order legs and a hip block. If displaying pants, for example, you may order or arrange legs with or without the hip block. This form may be mounted onto any size pedestal base and combined with your choice of display stand accessories to create a powerful visual selling tool. 

Our mannequins are between 70” and 72” tall.  This enhances the attire being displayed with a larger than life look.  Other inexpensive imports can be 64” to 66” tall, which causes your merchandise to seem ill-fitting and less appealing.  This can negatively impact sales!  To get more value for your money, purchase your System Series mannequins from Fixtures and Displays today.

Weight 6.0000
Material fiberglass
Style System Mannequins series, male Arms-behind-Back pose, arms only
Standard Packing 1

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