"System Mannequin Series" True White Female Shoulder Caps

sku # SYFS-109
Set of shoulder caps have fiberglass construction and must be used on ladies bust forms with or without head or 3/4 ladies torso form to create armless display. Will give torso a finished look.

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sku # SYFS-109

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"System Mannequin Series" True White Female Shoulder Caps


The System Mannequin Series female shoulder caps in a cameo white finish form are part of their highly successful component form options.   The mannequin is sold by individual pieces which may be combined to create a variety of full-length or partial body displays.  This enables retailers to purchase only the display items required to enhance both their merchandise and selling environment.  This is both cost effective and ensures that forms displays work the selling floor not the back storage room. The System Series truly presents the finest in form flexibility.

When an armless mannequin display is desired, add the creamy white female shoulder caps for a polished appearance that will enhance the merchandise displayed. 

Shoppers excited by the atmosphere of a retail environment are more likely to interact with products in the space. This is key to successful in-store marketing and increased sales.  Fixtures and Displays is happy to assist you with designing a display concept that showcases your store’s merchandise to best advantage. Let us demonstrate how our System Mannequin Series will contribute to the success of your retail establishment.

Weight 2.0000
Material fiberglass
Style System Mannequin series, female shoulder caps only, sold as a pair
Standard Packing 1

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