"System Mannequin Series" True White Female Arms with Hands on Hips

sku # SYF-B109
Fiberglass construction. Matching pair of arms designed to fit female bust with head (SYFB-H109), female headless bust (SYFB-NH109) or 3/4 torso form (SYTF-109) sold separately.

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sku # SYF-B109

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"System Mannequin Series" True White Female Arms with Hands on Hips


Fixtures and Displays mannequins represent the finest value in retail display.    If you are considering buying mannequins, the System Mannequin Series forms offer a great opportunity to display your clothing and accessories in different arrangements –all by using the same components.  The System Mannequin Series female arms with hands on hips, is based on an original approach to mannequin design which incorporates exclusive flexibility.  By purchasing several different ‘body’ parts and connectors, retailers have a cost-effective means to adjust their mannequin displays.  They may create full length, or torso and/or leg displays using several components.  The System Mannequin Series allows greater flexibility than purchasing static full length or torso mannequins.  Besides offering variety in merchandise display, the flexibility of Fixtures and Displays’ System Series ensures that these components will spend more time on the selling floor increasing profits and less downtime in storage.

The System Mannequin Series Female Arms with Hands on Hips in cameo white presents one of three options (each sold separately) to create a dramatic backdrop for a display ensemble.  The matched pair of arms is designed to fit either the Female Bust with Head or headless, or the ¾ torso form components in the series.  These are also sold separately.  The hands on hips arms, when teamed with a ¾ Torso for example, creates a popular choice for eye-level display atop a rounder.  

Weight 5.0000
Material fiberglass
Style System Mannequins series, female Hands-on-Hips pose, arms only
Standard Packing 1
Length 21"

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