Universal Line - 1/2" Slots on 1" Centers"

Retail wall space is selling space. An economical way to merchandise the walls of any retail outlet or store department is by installing the Universal Line system of store fixtures and displays. Fixtures and Displays carries a full inventory of these slotted wall standards, brackets (and accessories) and faceouts. This allows retailers to purchase the exact number of surface mounted slotted standards they require and accessories they need to create shelving for folded apparel and/or faceouts for hanging garments. Durable zinc surface-mounted single or double slotted standards are available in 36” to 96” lengths to support either medium or heavy weight loads. These slotted wall standards provide the backbone of any sound retail display wall system. ‘Accessorize’ to create your unique merchandise display on shelves, brackets or hangrail supports to provide more selling floor inventory and upsell opportunities to shoppers.

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