Super Weight Line

Fixtures and Displays carries the ultimate Super Weight Line of slotted wall standards to support the heaviest assortment of wall-mounted merchandise displays. The surface mount or recessed slotted standards are able to handle the heaviest loads and are ideal for winter clothing, automotive products, electronics, home and garden supplies and other weighty retail items. Brackets are designed to fit exclusively into these standards for a reliable fit without the potential for collapse due to excessive load bearing. Slotted wall standards are available in 3 to 8 foot lengths. Recessed slotted standards feature Super Weight Line has 1" slots on 2" centers and a steel thickness of 1/8" (.125"). Intended only for use with Super Weight brackets. All Super Weight Line standards have 1" slots on 2" centers. Steel thickness 1/8" (.125"). Two depths enable both drywall and slatwall panels to be accepted on each side of the standard. The ideal solution to maximizing your wall display space potential.
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