Shirt and Blouse Hanger w/ Notches - Black

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Shirt and Blouse Hanger w/ Notches - Black is available to buy in increments of 50
17-3/8" Black Suit Hanger w/ Notches. 5 mm thick. Made of lightweight ABS plastic with metal hook. Sold in full cartons of 50 hangers only. Has notches for dress straps or lingerie. Natural shaped hanger will hold blouses or shirts perfectly.


GTIN Number 00818703004245
Finish Black
Material Plastic
Fixture Weight 0.1 lbs
Dimensions 17-3/8 in. L
Length 17-3/8 in.
Thickness 1/5 in.
Color Black
Style Hangers
Finish Velvet
Pieces Per Full Carton 50
Multiple Cartons 1
Carton Shipping Weight (Lbs.) 5
Carton Dimensions 14"L x 13.25"W x 7.25"H
Swap out standard plastic hangers for our Slim-Line Black Velvet Covered Dress Hanger; there is no easier or more affordable way to make your store look posh and inviting. An additional benefit of this sleek hanger is that you can fit up to 50% more apparel on the same rack or fixture because the Slim-Line Black Velvet Covered Suit Hanger is so much thinner than standard plastic clothes hangers. That means more merchandise in front of your shoppers and less in your stockroom. However, the ABS plastic material means that these hangers are just as durable while still being lightweight. The black velvet covering not only lends a touch of class to your store but also serves a practical purpose by keeping garments from slipping. You can even mix this Slim-Line Black Velvet Covered Dress Hanger with other colors to match your decorating scheme or to color-code certain items. Sold in full cartons of 50 hangers
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