Maggie Series

One of Fixtures and Displays’ most versatile mannequins is our ‘Maggie’ line crafted in high-quality, durable fiberglass. Affordably priced ‘Maggie’ may be purchased with or without a head and in one of 6 casual to elegant poses suitable for every retail outlet display. Available in crisp white or realistic flesh tone, ‘Maggie’s’ variations include full-bodied and headless options. Full-body ‘Maggie’ features life-like body sculpting, molded hair and non-stylized facial features, articulated fingers and toes. ‘Maggie’ weighs 37 lbs. and is 65” tall without head. Depending on # ordered and type, ‘Maggie’ ranges from $249-$273 per mannequin. Includes 16” round tempered glass base and fittings for calf and foot. Repair kit included. Pair with corresponding male ‘Edgar’ mannequins for a striking display.

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