Build Your Own Mannequin

Specialty apparel stores require special considerations when fulfilling their display needs. Some stores will feature accessories, undergarments, jewelry and other merchandise that is not best served by draping on full-length human forms. To meet this need, Fixtures and Displays offers Build Your Own Mannequin products including a vast assortment of male and female body parts, partial torsos with and without heads, hip band, shoulder cap and full arms as well as accessory display bases and holders. Sold singly, inventive store owners may combine a variety of parts to both effectively and imaginatively showcase their specialty items to increase interest and sales. Expertly sculpted from fiberglass the lifelike body parts are available in either a matte white or fleshtone finish. The torso forms are designed to ‘work’ with a selection of bases in black or oak wood, chrome or frosted glass that are certain to complement any store’s décor. For a clean, contemporary look raise your display units on a natural oak finish display base which protects your display inventory from damage as well as elevates and creates a stunning visual focal point.