Translucent Fiberglass Female Abstract Mannequin

sku # ROF1MFW
Contemporary abstract mannequin with egg shaped head is made of fiberglass resin material that's attractive and durable. Includes 16" round tempered glass base.

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sku # ROF1MFW

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Translucent Fiberglass Female Abstract Mannequin


The unusual and unique look of our translucent fiberglass female abstract mannequin, plus the straightforward traditional arms at sides pose, will help draw the attention of shoppers to your garments.  Its glass base adds sophistication to your retail environment.  For best results, order two male and two female and display as a cluster in a store corner or highly trafficked area.

Fixtures and Displays’ mannequins are the finest value on the market.  Our mannequins are 70” to 72” tall, enhancing the garment being displayed with a larger-than-life appearance.  Other inexpensive imports can be 64” to 66” tall, which inadvertently causes the product to seem less luxurious and could negatively impact sales.  

Weight 34.0000
Height 72"
Material fiberglass
Style Crystalline series female mannequin
Standard Packing 1

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