"Edgar" White Headless Male Mannequin (Pose 1 of 6)

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"Edgar" White Headless Male Mannequin (Pose 1 of 6) is available to buy in increments of 1
Includes 16" round tempered glass base plus two fittings for calf and foot and repair kit.


GTIN Number 00841134101849
Weight in Lbs. 41.549999
Finish Matte True White
Base Style Round Glass
Head Style Headless
Neck Cut Style Straight
Hand Style Realistic
Foot Shoe Heel Style Realistic
Mannequin Weight 41 lbs
Nipple Detail Yes
Shoulder Arm Fittings Standard
Wrist Fittings Push Pull
Rod Style Calf and Foot
Base Size 16 in. Dia.
Height 67 in.
Material Fiberglass
Chest 37 in.
Waist 30 in.
Hips 38 in.
Neck 14 in.
Heel Height 1 in.
Gender Male
Shoe Size 9 1/2
Multiple Cartons 1
Carton Shipping Weight (Lbs.) 41.55
Carton Dimensions 46.75"L x 17.75"W x 17.25"H

The Edgar white headless male mannequin series features six distinct poses, expertly sculpted bodies, fiberglass construction of the highest quality and realistically delineated fingers and toes.  Stylish and contemporary, this headless mannequin series is sure to attract the attention of shoppers.  The true white color also accentuates the garments being displayed.  The Edgar white headless male mannequin series matches perfectly with the Maggie headless series for a male and female display.

Polyester is the main ingredient in mannequins.  Our environmentally green mannequins, however, have had their amount of polyester reduced by 47% and replaced with bio-resin material.  This bio resin makes our mannequins lighter in weight and more resistant to impact, creating a more robust and durable product.  In addition, 38% less energy is needed to manufacture them and 42% less greenhouse gases are produced.

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