Summer is finally here! Sunny days when school’s out, office workers plan vacations and outdoor activities help us all to make the most of it. And regardless if our physiques are ready or not, it is swimsuit time! Retailers know that whether sunning on the beach, splashing in the surf or simply wearing a suit under our shorts and tees while kayaking and canoeing, a swimsuit is a must-have item for everyone’s summer wardrobe.

Set the Stage for Increased Sales with a Family of Retail Mannequins

How can retailers lure customers to their racks to see the latest styles in swimsuits? Plan on showcasing swim trunks, bikinis and maillot suits by displaying a family of mannequins set up in your shop windows or at the entrance to a seasonal display. Cross-selling opportunities abound as your store mannequins may be set in a vignette such as a backyard barbeque utilizing outdoor furniture and even structures such as pergolas and canopies over an above ground swimming pool. In addition to their swimwear, your mannequin family can merchandise towels, sunglasses and even water bottles and flip flops.

Abstract Retail Mannequins Let the Patterns do the Talking

As with every other clothing line, there are popular-price as well as designer brands. Leverage your upscale swimwear lines. Make them a focal point by reserving a niche area of a department or boutique and use crystalline or white abstract mannequins to bring these lines the prominence they deserve. Not only do these forms lend a high-end ambience but also they provide a clean, contemporary backdrop that will not compete with the sometimes busy swimwear patterns.  

Athletic Store Mannequins for Serious Swimmers

The most dedicated athletes will not be swayed into making a purchase based on swimwear modeled by traditional retail mannequins. Put your athletic swimwear brands on display using sport mannequins and expect your sales to increase. These specialty forms are available in both male and female versions and a variety of action poses. Their bodies are leaner, their features are more articulated and their muscle tone is more pronounced than standard store mannequins.

Sell Children’s Swimwear Using Retail Mannequins

If you sell children’s swimwear, avoid the routine stacks of neatly folded trunks and one-pieces. Consider creating a display that depicts a beginner’s swim class using several child mannequins and an adult mannequin teacher. Repetitive views of swimwear on child-sized forms will remind parents they’ll need to stock up for camp and swim classes in possibly two sizes as children grow faster during the summer months.

 If retail space permits, creating scenes from everyday life is likely to increase sales for every item merchandised. Fixtures and Displays has many more store mannequin lines and display options for your to consider. Call us today at (800) 764.8544 to discuss your summer display needs for mannequins and every kind of retail display element.