Retailers know that holiday shoppers are more likely to buy when immersed in a retail environment that is festively decorated. Caught up in the spirit of the season shoppers are more easily influenced by merchandising that will likely trigger buying decisions. However, few stores today can afford lavish displays. Most of us have to make do with what we have. Fortunately, around the holidays a little creativity can go a long way to capture consumer interest. Just repurpose your retail store fixtures by incorporating them into displays that attract attention and boost your store’s bottom line.

Incorporate Your Retail Store Fixtures into Your Holiday Displays

Just about every religious denomination celebrates during the winter season. But decorating for each can be costly. Consider the generic symbols of the winter season instead: snow, snowflakes and fir trees. By keeping general selling floor displays non-specific you’ll keep costs down and evoke memories across a wide consumer demographic.

In the spirit of using what you have you can turn your round racks into fir trees. Fill the rails with green-colored merchandise and mount inexpensive 36” or 48” Styrofoam cones from any craft store on the table top. The cones can be sprayed green or left in their original white with white merchandise hung on the racks. Just spiral Mylar trim around the cone and place in the center of the top. Arrange a few scented pine cones along with folded merchandise on the table surface and you’ll have a low-cost, high-impact holiday display! Best of all, when the holidays are over, the components may be discarded or take little back room storage space.

Ho! Ho! Ho! Holiday Mannequins that Sell!

Window displays provide the visual appeal that will lure shoppers into your store. For Hanukkah consider a mannequin display ( dressed in that holiday’s colors, white and blue. Closer to Christmas change their wardrobes to red and green apparel. For a sure hit with consumers of all ages, dress a male mannequin in a Santa suit and place him casually within your grouping. Later in December Kwanzaa celebrates the bountiful harvest and tables are set with festively patterned cloth. Select merchandise for your mannies that feature abstract graphics and rich saturated fall and winter colors: yellows, warm browns and burgundies. With all the costume changes, make sure that you have durable fiberglass mannequins from Fixtures and Displays. We offer a vast selection of mannequins -some feature professional sculpted hair and makeup styles, a variety of poses and rich detail.

Repurpose your Retail Store Fixtures to Sell!

Slatwall panels are very versatile merchandising tools. Use them to best advantage during the holidays by covering some of their wood-like panels with paper snowflakes in varying sizes. The snowflakes may be purchased at the craft store or be handmade by local children or even your store staffers for a very personal touch that will surely draw shoppers to your wall displays. These ornaments are not only economical but may also be tied into a community outreach project to further your brand awareness.

Using the retail display fixtures you have is not only economical, it makes good sense. When you want to draw shoppers to your displays, make these displays using your fixtures! As we have demonstrated, it takes just a little ingenuity to create memorable and profitable holiday vignettes in your store. These displays become important visual merchandising elements to guide shoppers around your selling floor. It is known that the longer a shopper remains in your store, the greater likelihood that they will become customers! See what ideas you can come up with! If you have a question or need advice about retail display systems and accessories, Fixtures and Displays’ knowledgeable staff will be glad to assist you. Call us: (800) 764-8644.