Most retailers are faced with the chore of moving clearance merchandise that is left over from the previous season. These pieces may remain on their racks for any number of reasons. Perhaps the original price point was out of line with many consumers’ budgets. Maybe the garment requires dry cleaning or professional care, making it less desirable to consumers than wash and wear apparel. Or it is possible that the style is becoming on a very limited population segment.

Whatever reason this merchandise is still available, know that it still poses revenue opportunities. If merchandised correctly, there’s still gold in these once passed-over pieces of merchandise. With careful attention to how it is displayed, retailers can make it appealing to consumers all over again. Fixtures and Displays offers a vast selection of retail displays including wall and selling floor apparel racks as well as select groups of mannequins and forms to fulfill every retail merchandising requirement. Here are some ideas for presenting these post-season bargains so they will fly off your racks to make way for next season’s merchandise.

Since retailers offer clothing items a season ahead, by the time the leaves are turning color, shoppers will have evaluated their cold weather wardrobes and be looking for trans-seasonal and replacement items. To begin, make your clearance section, which is usually at the back of the selling floor, clearly visible to shoppers. This way, shoppers seeking current season apparel will not be deterred by the warmer weather garments they’ll see as they enter. Fully utilize your Gridwall or Slatwall systems to create a focal point. Prop signage that reads “This Season’s Must Haves for Less!” (this is more inviting than a sign that reads “Clearance”) on a shelf to use wall space without sacrificing any selling floor real estate.

Creative and Inviting Retail Displays = Increased Sales

Once shoppers arrive at their destination, make them feel welcome. Enticing retail displays of carefully folded and hung merchandise, arranged by color and size should greet them. By no means should your sale items look shopworn or shabby. Your clearance rack apparel must give the impression that it has been reduced in price, not in value. Cull your selection and remove any garments that have are torn, missing buttons or knits that have pulls. Arranging your tops and jackets by color and size on round racks will also create a stunning visual display as well as assist shoppers to locate and select merchandise quickly.

Every store uses the newest mannequins from its inventory in its window and front entry displays. As retailer’s mannequins age, there is no need to retire them to the back room to be used as replacement parts. Use your older mannequin stock at the entrance to your sale items section to both attract shoppers and entice them to buy. No extra mannequin stock? No problem! Fixtures and Displays also offers economical mannequin alternatives and body forms to fit every size selling floor and budget!

Often pieces from the same manufacturer’s collection will be color coordinated, yet some pieces outsell others. If a matching top and skirt or slacks lack one of its coordinates, offer alternate selections by outfitting a group of mannequins with attractive wardrobe additions pulled entirely from your clearance area. Demonstrate to shoppers how budget-friendly, yet still fashionable wardrobe additions can be found in your clearance section.

When you need to make additions to your retail displays, speak with our representatives at Fixtures and Displays. We can make suggestions based on your merchandise requirements and budget that will assist you to increase your ROI. For retail display and store fixture solutions, talk to us at (800) 764-8544 today! 

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