Who can forget Faye Dunaway as Joan Crawford in the movie “Mommie Dearest” sternly chastising her child for hanging her gown on a wire hanger? While the character would never win a nomination for Mother of the Year, she had some really valid points about proper garment storage and display.

Savvy retailers know the importance of buying the best hangers for their garment displays. Not only will purchasing sturdy clothing hangers contribute to keeping your merchandise from becoming shopworn but also they will last longer themselves thereby reducing overhead and increasing ROI. Here we review the most popular hanger choices for retailers and the benefits of each.

The Best Retail Hangers to Showcase Your Inventory

The industry workhorse is the 12” or 17” plastic hanger. Lightweight, yet durable enough to hold blazers, sport jackets and suits, these hangers are available in clear, white and black with notches for hanging lingerie and skirts. Their metal hook pivots making it easy to stock and for shoppers to select merchandise on round racks or on hangrails. Plastic hangers are also available in 14” with clips to hold skirts or pants. While these hangers will break more easily than other choices, they are economical and when stored on hanger stackers will last longer.

Clothing Hangers for Upscale Environments

Recently introduced, Velvet Slimline Hangers are an ideal choice for lingerie and gowns. Thin plastic is covered in flocking which prevents delicate straps and clothing with deep v-necklines from slipping off the ends. The hanger is available in many color choices and can coordinate and contribute to an upscale store ambience.

On the subject of conveying an air of opulence for high-end merchandise, wooden hangers resonate both quality and tradition. They are also a sound investment for any store or boutique that sells couture or designer clothing. Wooden hangers will support winter coats and men’s suits without stretching the material and causing bumps. Select an oak or teak finish to showcase contemporary or traditional clothing lines.

Wooden hangers are available in 14” or 17” lengths and feature metal and wood lock bars to hold slacks securely or spring clips to secure skirts and pants among an array of choices. Many high-end establishments also have their logo imprinted on garment bags and slipcase merchandise purchases directly on their wooden hangers. Not only is this an important customer service gesture (who doesn’t appreciate receiving their purchases on a solid wood hanger instead of folded into a plastic shopping bag?) it also ensures that your logo and store are on view whenever your customer opens their closet.

Nix to No Wire Hangers!

Wire hangers have come a long way from Joan Crawford’s heyday. Durable and finished in bright chrome, these 12”, 15” 16”, 18” and 19” hangers are available in several versions to hang skirts or pants (with a loop hook for belts), blouses, lingerie and dresses. Some hanger variations have cushioned clips and vinyl cladding to prevent the bumps that allegedly pushed Ms. Crawford over the edge.

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