gridwall panels

Wire grid panels, or gridwall panels, are the most widely used display method in discount retailing. They allow retailers to get the most out of their merchandising space affordably. To achieve all kinds of eye-catching design configurations, wire grid display panels can be used on a wall, free-standing or be connected to other grid panels. They are extremely durable, portable, store easily and come in a multitude of shapes and sizes to accommodate a variety of inventory.

Wire grid display panels also have a multitude of accessories, making their versatility unmatched. Use them with hooks of various sizes to hang small and large packaged goods, garments and more. Implement stylish faceouts for sturdier seasonal or permanent items. Baskets, bins and shelves are also fashionable alternatives to optimally showcase your merchandise. All of these accessories offer simple set up, break down and storage for future use.

Gridwall connectors and hardware allow for all sorts of configurations for imaginative display possibilities. Because of their popularity, usefulness and convenience, they can be utilized in virtually all types of retail environments, including discount, general merchandise, and temporary or seasonal stores, as well as kiosks, trade show exhibits and flea markets.

To create a diverse retail environment, implement grid panels on your selling floor.  Fixtures and Displays can help you choose the right grid panels and accessories for your unique space and requirements. For more information, call (800) 764-8544 or click here to contact us today.