Spring heralds new selling opportunities for retailers and merchandisers. Most consumers want to put the dreary winter months behind them and work some new life into their wardrobes. Vignettes are one proven way to increase sales. Expand on a concept, such as Easter, Passover, Mother’s and Father’s Day, Communion or Memorial Day and incorporate items from every department to create selling dioramas that depict family life.

Mindful that selling floor space is gold and should be merchandised as well as possible, if your Spring theme is a Mother’s Day brunch, and yours is a strictly fashion and accessories venue, there is no need to purchase a table, chairs, rug and dinnerware. Instead, invest in a promotional poster that shows a well-dressed family dining out with Mom on her special day. Position the poster at the back of your selling floor on your Gridwall or slatwall and create a compelling focal point.

Echo elements of the poster throughout the store. If the poster includes a floral centerpiece, for example, follow up with a similar display in inexpensive silk flowers and place it on a shelf that features footwear or hats. Use the same colors at key places to draw shoppers from one display to another. Color coding is a subtle way to attract attention and increase sales.

Draw Consumer Interest to Increase Sales

Place delicate items inside Fixtures and Displays’ Ready to Assemble Economy Full Vision 72” White Showcase. Be sure to fully merchandise the top with our Set of 3 Medium Clear Acrylic Display Risers. These can be merchandised with perfume and accessories to coordinate with the contents of your showcase. You’ll also increase Spring glove sales when you display these items using our eye catching 12” Fleshtone Ladies Left Glove Hand.

Be sure to dress your mannequins in the colors that reflect this year’s popular tones. Another way to create visual impact at low cost is to purchase an inexpensive artificial turf “rug” or florist’s moss and position this around the base of your mannequin display. Create an interesting shape such as an oval, which will also create a perimeter around your mannequins and reduce jostling and damage.

Fixtures and Displays’ popular fiberglass mannequins are durable, and are available in a wide variety of choices including male and female Running Mannequins, Sport Mannequins, Abstract mannequins and Ethnic Mannequins that promote merchandise in every retail venue. We also carry child mannequins at various ages so shoppers can envision how a garment will appear on their children who grow out of their clothing quickly.

With a few create ideas and retail display fixtures from Fixtures and Displays retailers can maximize their selling floor opportunities. To discuss your requirements or to place an order, please give our customer service representatives a call at (800) 764-8544 today!