The primary purpose for clothing display racks is to merchandise a sufficient amount of apparel at one time in as little space as possible without inconveniencing shoppers. After rent, merchandise, and salaries the biggest expense for retailers is often their display racks, slatwall and gridwall systems, display cases, mannequins and countertop display items.

Retail display racks represent a sizeable investment in the success of any store or department. In addition to holding product, these workhorses must be flexible as well as creatively merchandised. They not only provide temporary selling floor storage but also must attract consumers to retail goods. For decades, the product experts at Fixtures and Displays have been advising retailers of every size and budget on the right selection of store display racks to showcase their goods to best advantage. We feature display racks to utilize every wall and selling floor space optimally.

Visual merchandising is key to drive consumers to consider impulse buys. Your selling floor layout will dictate what your store has room for and which display racks will best suit your unique needs. If customization on a tight budget is your retail scenario, consider slatwall and/or gridwall displays to use every inch of your environment as a selling tool. Now you can create a special niche to promote coordinates using your unique combination of hangrails, faceouts, bins and shelving.  Drawing attention to your wall displays in this manner allows many different configurations and great cross-sell opportunities.

Turn your Retail Display Racks into Your Best Selling Tools

Once you have discovered the value of utilizing your wall space to promote select merchandise you’ll look for other opportunities throughout your store. Imagine the possibilities offered by Fixtures and Displays’ chrome spiral clothing rack, for example. This sturdy chrome finish rack occupies a very small footprint but packs a lot of merchandise into an 18” diameter. The rack features 29 chrome balls that allow clever merchandisers to use them to showcase accessories, handbags, lingerie or up to 30 garments on hangers. Individual design details can be hidden from view on traditional storage racks. Hang heavier apparel such as coats and suiting where they will be prominently featured and fabric and construction subtleties will not go unnoticed by shoppers.

Just as you’ve learned to utilize wall space as a selling tool, you can use different types of apparel racks to direct shoppers to promotional displays as well as create niche and inviting environments in your store. Create an intriguing space with Fixtures and Displays’ “Chainlinx” Double Hangrail Epoxy Grey Floor Rack. This multi-purpose floor rack offers two hangrails, a top shelf and chain link panels that support both ends. The end panels may be combined with faceouts, baskets or hooks -even shelving to expand the versatility of your selling floor space and to increase sales.

If you’re looking to reconfigure your selling floor to maximize selling opportunities, speak with our experts for sound and budget-friendly advice. Call us at (800) 764-8544 to get started today!

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