In retail the message is clear: “Show me, do not tell me”.  When shoppers are shown merchandise in attractive, creative and evocative ways they will picture themselves wearing or using some or all of these items. This ultimately leads to increased sales for the items displayed. Here are some pointers that will assist retailers to use what they already have in ways that they may not have thought of to increase sales. And for those retailers thinking of making additions to their display arsenals, these suggestions will enable them to spend wisely for an even greater ROI.

High-converting displays begin with a concept, followed by cohesive execution. For apparel retailers, some take their cues from their current season’s line and require staffers to wear the very clothing that they are selling. This way the selling experience begins the moment shoppers enter the premises. Another way is to ensure that your highest quality mannequins are featured in window and entry displays clothed in the latest styles for the coming or current season.

To begin, your window displays must be both eye-catching and curated. Fixtures and Displays recommends using our Eve and Gene series of abstract mannequins. Facial features are suggested and these durable alabaster-toned fiberglass mannequins do not distract from the merchandise being presented. Introduce a theme, such as Spring, but do not tell the whole story. This will invite shoppers to come inside for the complete experience.

Create Displays That Sell!

Greet them with a striking display on an Alta System Large Satin Chrome Display Table with Hard Rock Maple Top. Be sure to incorporate the Rule of Three in a pyramid shape. Select male, female or child jersey covered forms and arrange three across with the center form slightly higher than the two that flank it. Shopper’s eyes will be drawn to the tallest form and will cause them to stop and take in the entire vignette.

Dress the forms in the brightest selections from your current line, accessorize with jewelry and scarves, and watch sales climb!  Do not neglect the remaining horizontal space surrounding the forms. Merchandise the foreground with bangles, watches, earrings and even makeup and perfume to provide a display that will delight shoppers’ sight and other senses.
Entice shoppers to navigate your entire premises. Take your slatwall and Gridwall displays to the next level with glass shelving. Merchandise will appear to float, thereby drawing shopper attention and other continuing the illusion of magic. Create more drama by constructing several levels of 12” x 12” Class Cubbies with Open Backs on a Maple or Black Base.

Display like merchandise, such as footwear, or stacks of jeans or even colorful folded sweaters. Shoppers will be intrigued and make their way to your display. Remember that the sound track played in any retail establishment can also create ambience. Direct your music to appeal to the store’s or specific display’s targeted demographic. Remember, the longer a shopper remains in the store, the greater the likelihood that they will convert and make a purchase.

Gridwall Goes Mobile to Increase Sales

Shoppers want a new retail experience every time they enter the store. This requires frequent selling floor display change-outs. Make any changeover simple by ensuring that your rackage and some displays are mobile. Fixtures and Displays offers Double Hangrail Racks and Rolling Racks that easily accommodate industrial casters and Triangle Bases for Grids that feature three casters for easy display mobility.

Remember that Gridwall does not have to be static! The triangle bases will support up to three Gridwall panels from which faceouts, rods and even shelving can be attached to create promotional and profitable displays. Fixtures and Displays offers a wide selection of retail store fixtures and display systems. We have the products and expertise to ensure that your retail environment offers the maximum selling opportunities to your clientele. Call us at (800) 764-8544 to review your retail display requirements!