Retail mannequins never get a day off. Still considered the best merchandising tool in any retailer’s display arsenal, mannequins have evolved from wax figurines in the early 20th century to the durable and reliable figures no apparel retailer should be without. The term “window shopping” was coined after turn-of-the-last century industrial mannequins first appeared in store windows. Those 300-lb beauties were made from iron, wood and wax and featured real false teeth, glass eyes and real human hair wigs. Heavy they were, durable they were not.

Today’s retail mannequins are light-years past those original selling tools. Mannequins remain the single most expensive display investment the average retailer will make. While many can be easily dismantled, few spend any time in the back store room. And over time, chips and broken digits may occur, some fiberglass forms allow for easy replacement of parts that are most prone to breakage.

Fixtures and Displays offers a wide selection of mannequins and mannequin forms so that retailers at every level store-front boutique to high-end and exclusive retail may find the forms that will appeal to their clientele and their budget. Most retail establishments will have several full-sized forms per department, with body forms generally reserved for lingerie departments. There are full-sized mannequins for every age group and even mannequin alternatives for stores with limited display areas.

Studies have shown that shoppers frequent stores that appeal to them in search of new selling experiences as much as new merchandise. In other words, they shop because it is an event for them, not just when they need a new or replacement clothing. Since not every retailer receives new merchandise every week, frequent display changeovers give consumers the illusion that something new is literally in store for them.

Durable and Lightweight Mannequins from Fixtures and Displays

Merchandise changeouts must be quick and usually take place at night after closing or just before a store opens. Forms and outfits are selected and mannequins are moved onto the selling floor, positioned and dressed in place. Thus begins a typical day in the life of a mannequin. Fixtures and Displays’ durable figures includes our Unbreakable Mannequins line. These serviceable forms are constructed from polyethylene plastic and do not show wear and tear and will stand up to years of fast changeovers and jostling by consumers.

During the day, mannequins may be viewed by hundreds of shoppers or more. Some consumers may take a closer look at a mannequin display or their children may roughhouse with a figure on display. That is why many of our products are sold with durable bases plus two fittings for the mannequin’s calf and foot to provide a stable display. Each mannequin comes with a repair kit as well for shopping cart collisions and other contingencies.

In recent years, Fixtures and Displays’ mannequins have been “going green”, that is combining bio-resins into the polyester fabrication. This makes a figure that is lighter in weight yet more durable. In addition, over a third less energy is required to manufacture them, therefore 42% fewer greenhouse gases are produced. Our “green” mannequins are good for the environment and your store’s bottom line.

At the end of a retail day, larger display changeovers may occur. The next day, before the store opens, retailers’ best merchandising investment will likely be quickly manipulated into a new position and a new outfit at another location on the selling floor. Fixtures and Displays’ sturdy cast of retail mannequins will renew their roles as silent salesmen as another shopping day begins.  For advice on which Fixtures and Displays’ mannequins will best suit your store’s requirements, or to place an order, please call us at 800) 764-8544.