Clothing retailers can steal a concept from jewelers, artisan craft boutique and gift shop owners who know the value of creating Point of Sale (POS) displays on their countertops that tempt their shoppers into purchasing additional items. Normally these add-ons will coordinate with the primary purchase or simply be so irresistible and well-priced that their unplanned purchase does not impact the shopper’s budget.

Marketing surveys indicate that at least a third of all shoppers in a given week will make an impulse purchase averaging $30. Of these shoppers, most purchases are made during an in-store shopping experience. So retail stores have it over online enterprises for creating impulse purchase opportunities. Shoppers are already brandishing their credit cards when the option to touch, feel and or smell an accessory or to discover a new must have item presents itself. Retailers have more control over the shopper’s in-store experience versus etailers.

Know Your Consumers’ Triggers When Creating Countertop Displays

By understanding the urgency of an impulse buy, retailers can make the best choices to capture a piece of this market share and plan their merchandise displays accordingly.

  • Calls to Action (CTAs): One of the best calls to action is immediacy. “Today Only” and “Only One Left at 50% Off” inspire consumers to act and fast. Demonstrate value and you have made a sale.

  • Shock of the New: Showcase items that shoppers may not have seen before but may have heard about. Fitness bracelets will sell well in a sports apparel outlet countertop display. Consumers have heard about them and what better time than when they are updating their fitness wardrobe to purchase a tool to help keep them on track?

Now That You Know the Why How About the What?

One way to increase impulse sales is to coordinate your impulse items displayed on your countertop with a store-wide or specific department promotion. Select items that consumers can identify with and they will sell themselves. Small, inexpensive items that can be handed to the cashier within seconds are best. If your store is promoting towels and bath items, trial sizes of shampoos and fragrant, guest soaps molded into shapes will move more quickly on your countertop than in the aisles where these items are normally featured.

Now that You Know the Why and What Here’s How!

You understand the psychology behind impulse buys and probably have an idea which products will appeal to consumers. Now here’s how to display them to best advantage. Sometimes the most subtle display tool will make the difference between an item being noticed, examined and purchased or be completely overlooked.  Suspending an item from a transparent holder on a countertop gives it visual interest a shelf display cannot provide. Fixtures and Displays carries a large selection of these display fixtures such as cubes, risers, easels and cradles as well as items specifically for necklaces, bracelets and rings. Arrange several cubes at varied heights to capture consumer interest and to increase sales.

Countertop glass display cases are a great way to protect merchandise while making it easily viewable to customers. Turn your shoppers into buyers and buyers into serial customers. Draw consumer attention to your product presentations with Fixtures and Displays’ countertop displays. To learn more about display items to increase consumer spend, please call (800) 764-8544 or contact us.