For those entering the retail business, first, our congratulations! Next, have you thought about how to stretch your store fixtures and displays’ budget to maximize your profits? Fixtures and Displays, the leading store fixtures and displays manufacturer and distributor has some advice that can help your business get off to a great start and a profitable future!

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Dress Your Windows for Success

It does not matter if your store is located in a shopping mall or town. Use your windows to catch the eye of consumers passing by and invite them into your premises. New business owners can save by integrating a mix of higher end and low cost display items. Your windows are not where you want to cut costs, however. Purchase the best mannequins you can afford. You’ll find that Fixtures and Displays has a wide assortment of figures to display child through adult apparel at very competitive prices. For mannequins that will not go out of style, we recommend purchasing headless store mannequins in white finish. Featuring sleek styling these figures are available in a selection of poses. Best of all their presence recedes into the background allowing your garment selections to be the star!

Having enticed shoppers through your doors, further pique their interest with F & D’s Retail Sign Holders. Here again we offer a broad selection of possibilities. Metal sign holders continue the sleek, upscale look especially the bulletin sign holders. Flank your entrance with a pair of these freestanding holders promoting your current sales. Add a chrome literature basket for your flyers, coupons and brochures and watch your ROI increase!  We also offer an economical white adjustable banner stand to accommodate 24” wide cloth or paperboard banners up to 84” high.

Select Quality Store Fixtures and Displays from F & D

Now that you have drawn shoppers into your store with the promise of more alluring wares, make certain they can find these bargains easily. Create pathways that wind through every section of your selling floor. Remember that your selling floor space offers your greatest opportunity to increase revenue. If space is at a premium, select racks that have a small footprint and enable shoppers to walk around them to make their selections. Fixtures and Displays’ clothing rack shelf combination racks offer the ideal medium for retailers with limited square footage. Hangrails of varying sizes may be combined with shelving with or without casters. For stores with no space for table displays these racks are a great solution!

Harness the power of color to attract shoppers to your wares. Round retail clothing racks (rounders) can be merchandised with garments hung by color and size. This rainbow effect creates a focal point that will draw consumers to their favorite hues and likely convert them to customers!  Optimize your selling floor by adding a round rack top shelf and or round rack top basket and utilize the space above your apparel racks with accessories to promote cross-sells. Again, if limited space does not allow for a full rounder, F & D offers our half round rack with round tubing and with it the option for creating exciting and profitable displays.

Even if your brick and mortar store features, well, brick walls, you can use them to best promotional advantage. Install an economical wall grid system such as Slatwall or gridwall panels. These support hangrails, shelving, bins and other display options. With a little imagination your store can use these panels to skillfully merchandise new products, promotions, cross-sells and even clearance items. These are versatile selling tools and are easily and quickly reconfigured as needed.

For more information and advice on the best store fixtures and displays for your retail environment, call us at (800) 764-8544!  We’ll be glad to listen and to assist you to realize your goals for your new apparel business! Call today!

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