garment steamers

Every clothing and apparel retailer knows that optimal garment presentation means higher sales. Each time you receive a shipment, clothing often arrives crumpled and wrinkled from transit. Or items can get manhandled on the racks or thrown on the floor during peak sales hours. This can make clothing appear less than sales worthy. Believe it or not, it doesn’t have to be an uphill battle to keep garments looking fresh, neat and clean.

To keep clothing inventory looking great, keep a professional garment steamer on hand or stored in your back room for easy access. One of the best garment steamers is the SteamButler II, which is CSA Approved and perfect for continuous steaming. The pistol grip lightweight handle and maneuverable design with large swiveling casters makes steaming simple and easy. Clothiers can steam new life into garments in under a minute.

Best of all, the best garment steamers don’t cost a fortune. In fact, the SteamButler II is the lowest priced, most effective steamer on the market. Clothiers can easily steam for window displays, floor displays and on the racks. When your customers shop, they’ll surely notice your lovely inventory displays and spread the word.

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