Savvy boutique and department store retailers know that their choice of display racks can contribute to their store’s ambience and help increase sales. Setting the stage and continuing your store’s theme as much as possible throughout the selling floor makes it more inviting for shoppers to well, shop. Fixtures and Displays offers a great selection of floor and wall display systems that are cost-effective and assist retailers to fully utilized their merchandising spaces.

One of our newest and most popular display systems is the Pipeline Clothing Racks Collection. Inspired by the rolling racks used in New York’s famous Garment District, Pipeline clothing racks are constructed from sturdy interconnecting plumbing pipes and plumbing connectors. This stylish system has an edgy yet upscale ambience to work well with menswear, vintage, boutique and high-end designer outlets, too. Available in Anthracite Gray the Pipeline series includes costumer, 2-way cross bar and ballet barre designs and accessories. Here are some practical applications for this stunning collection.


Making Pipeline Clothing Racks Work for Your Retail Environment

Most boutiques are short on floor and wall space and character. Add some architectural interest to your floor plan with the Pipeline Double Ballet Bar. It can support two racks of clothing and may be customized with your choice of tops. Two locking casters ensure it will stay in place yet be moved easily when your floor display changes. It’s 52” height ensures it will be noticed by shoppers and depending on the top selected, additional elements may be displayed to draw consumer interest to additional folded merchandise.

Highlight your store’s theme atop your showcases by using the Pipeline Counter Top Mirror. Unique to the Pipeline collection, the mirror has a steampunk ambience well-suited for an upscale men’s boutique, custom tailor shop, artisan jewelry store or haberdashery. To showcase a single accessory such as a necklace, Fixtures and Displays’ suggests the purchase of the Pipeline Medium Tiered Displayer for Countertops (  This display piece draws attention to one select piece of merchandise that will intrigue if placed by the POS and likely increase sales for that item. Be sure to place it alongside the mirro, order the Pipeline S-Hooks to hang jeans by their belt hooks from Pipeline’s Adjustable 2-Way Rack (htr so shoppers can see how they will look in the accessory displayed.

For a refreshing look at your jeansweartp:// This uncommon approach will not only attract attention but also allow shoppers to examine your merchandise more easily than with hangered apparel.  If you prefer to fold your jeans and tops, the Pipeline collection includes several types of display tables for every size selling floor.

When floor space is at a premium, avoid overcrowding with the purchase of a Pipeline Outrigger Wall Unit. This clever unit may be fixed to the wall and provide hanging rail, shelving and faceout display. Flank your wall unit with a pair of Pipeline Tower Tables which display a single item, such as a tall vase, that is certain to attract attention.

We’ve covered some of the popular selections from this great new collection. It you are looking for display pieces that make a statement, Pipeline Clothing Racks is the collection for you. Be sure to review the whole collection and let your creativity run wild. For sound advice in making your selection, give us a call at (800) 764-8544!