Budget-friendly Gondola Displays have been used for decades, providing retailers across many industries with an assortment of display options. They are largely used to display and store multiple products on the same shelf or in the same immediate area. Available in many finishes and sizes, gondolas are ideal for small, medium and large retail spaces to showcase many types of products. They also appeal to a broad customer base, helping to ensure repeat business.

So which type of gondola should you choose for your retail floor? Aside from budget considerations, think about the volume of merchandise you’d like to sell. Logically, the more merchandise you’d like to feature in one spot, the larger the gondola should be. You can even configure more than one in a key area.

Available width, height and overall store layout are important, so determine how your gondolas will fit in designated areas by measuring carefully first. Taller gondolas maximize space, but can decrease customer visibility and increase the need for customer assistance for hard-to-reach items. This may affect labor costs and take away from time you’d like your employees to spend elsewhere.      

Gondola depth is also a key consideration. Deeper gondolas maximize the amount of merchandise you can offer at once, but can shrink available aisle space, which can impede traffic flow in your store. Customers who need more room, such as those in wheelchairs or scooters, may be negatively impacted. High quality retail displays are designed to strike a balance between merchandiser and aisle depth.

In determining how gondolas will lay out on your retail floor, sketch what you’d like to accomplish. A freehand drawing may helps hasten the decision making process and offer a decent visual representation of what the end product will be. Strategic placement, such as right off the escalators or on the edge of main aisles, can make all the difference. If gondolas don’t move product in one area, wheels can mobilize them so you can relocate displays in just a few minutes.

To suit your store décor, many gondola models are offered in maple and white. White works well with children’s clothing, while maple offers a more “mature” look and feel for adult clothing.  

For clothing retailers in particular, certain models feature a slatwall back to allow for more display options. Easy-to-assemble gondolas with slatwall are indispensible items that can display products on all four sides for maximum visibility and product appeal. You can even dedicate different types of clothing from one line on one gondola!

Slatwall gondolas allow retailers to highlight items using any standard pegboard hardware or slatwall accessories, such as slatwall faceouts, baskets or hangrail as well as with molded bullnose shelves and brackets. To increase display power, combine hanging garments with folded apparel with faceouts on the ends. Depending on your merchandise, get as creative or as simple as you need to be.

Retailers can determine which gondolas will work best on their retail floors by taking a few extra measures to plan ahead. Know your space, inventory and the needs of your customers. This will save you money and offer a greater Return on Investment (ROI) in the long term. Start moving merchandise quickly by implementing gondolas in key areas throughout your retail environment today.